I'm working to build safe, livable communities in Columbia County.  I want local families to have good-paying jobs and great schools, and local businesses to thrive.


Creating Local Jobs

Nearly 75% of our county's workforce commutes out of the area to work.  Commuting is expensive and it reduces the time people can spend with their families and in their communities.  I'm working to bring good-paying jobs back to our county.


Focusing on Health and Safety

My experience in transit and emergency response gives me unique insight into health, safety and transportation issues that affect local people and local businesses.  I'm working to ensure roads, rivers, and rails are safe.


Here to Serve You

I've served as a public employee and small business owner.  I excel at public-private partnerships, collaboration and teamwork.  As a lifelong resident and your county commissioner for the past 4 years, I am here to serve you.


We have provided a Photo Gallery on this website so you can see Henry at work in our county.  Many of the photos portray Henry involved in Columbia County business and pleasure.


Please check out our Columbia County Links Page so that you may register to vote directly online from this website.  You may also visit many county sites by just clicking the link.  Other links are available for your review.




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