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Mayo and the PUD: Getting the Facts Right

I have a problem with some of the information Wayne Mayo is sharing with voters. Many of his statements about his involvement with the PUD aren’t true.


#1 Wayne Mayo was not the primary petitioner for all the 1999 measures to quit PGE and join Columbia River PUD, nor was he the original organizer of the effort. In 1998 my friends and I circulated the petitions for St. Helens to join CRPUD. We believed Enron-owned PGE was only interested in making profits for its stockholders. The first two attempts failed. Enron far outspent our local political action committee in those elections. Then in 1999 Enron announced that they were selling all their Columbia County service

area to West Oregon Electric. We tried a third time to join CRPUD, and Scappoose, Columbia City and Rainier joined St. Helens in the battle. This time, we won.


#2 In that final vote, there were a total of 12 chief petitioners. Wayne

Mayo was one of three petitioners for Columbia City.

He was not a part of the petitions in the other three communities.


#3 Wayne didn’t help Clatskanie PUD take over the Rainier area.

Lori Piercy of Rainier led that battle. The political action committee volunteers, which included me, Wayne and many others, just agreed that Rainier could make their own decision.


I am not a politician, but I believe that whom ever is running for any

office should tell the truth.


Darrel R Purkerson

Retired Pharmacist and Happy PUD customer



As a long time resident of Columbia County and a retired public school administrator, it has been my pleasure to know Henry Heimuller and work with him on several important projects in service to the community.

Whether it is as a volunteer to children, seniors or the community in general, Henry is a man who rolls up his sleeves and pitches in to provide positive leadership as well as sweat equity for the common good where it is most needed.


In my career, I have worked with many public administrators of all types and effectiveness. The most successful understand that they must represent the best interests of ALL of their patrons. This is sometimes very difficult. Especially where the community is heavily polarized on a particular issue. Strong leaders like Henry do their homework including: real research, listening to public input, and seeking consensus. Then they step up to make the best possible decisions under the circumstances, understanding that there will always be those who do their own interests or reasons may not agree. This is the essence of modern successful democracies and requires the kinds of respectful, honest, and transparent decisions that are characteristic of outstanding leaders.

For these reasons Henry Heimuller has my unqualified recommendation for Columbia County Commissioner in the upcoming general election. He is stable and has the experience to help take Columbia County onto a bighter tomorrow. Please join me in supporting him with your important vote.

Dennis G. Hart





It seems strange to me that while Mr. Mayo provides us with his ideas for how our democratic system should work, he doesn’t seem to have any idea about how county government really works. What I see is that he is throwing out a bunch of “hot button” issues that he thinks will stick, in order to get elected. If he is successful with this strategy, what will happen if he does get elected? Anything? Or will we face the same mess we continually hear about everywhere else in this county. No action, road blocks, confusion, and no direction that anyone can figure out.

At least I know where I stand with Heimuller, he is continually trying to do his best to inform me when I ask questions.



Over the last months, I have tried to talk with Mr. Mayo regarding his position on public transit, and other important issues, for the Columbia County residents. He has continually avoided the issue and will not even talk about how seniors and others who need public transit will fair if he is elected in November. Why doesn’t he support those who have no way of even getting to the grocery store or those needing to get to Doctor’s appointment? If the only vulnerable spot he sees in his opponent is his stance on the oil trains, what does that do for the rest of the many important issued that face our quality of life in Columbia County?

I am tired of politicians avoiding discussions that don’t seem to fit in with their own ideas of what is good for our country. How can I place my faith in Mr. Mayo if he doesn’t ask what types of services are needed or have any discussion about all of the issues? The official we elect must represent all of us and be willing to talk to all of us. Even though I support and will vote for Heimuller in November, I feel even he could benefit from a wider perspective.

And to answer “who Heimuller works for”, I would hope when I show my support for Heimuller, community members understand that I think Heimuller is the best candidate that is running and that he is not beholden to me.

Thelma Bonar

St. Helens




If you would like to support Henry in your own personal way by putting up a sign in your yard or neighborhood, please give us a call at 503 369 1503

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